It seems that Titanfall 2 did not sell as well as EA had hoped.

During an earnings call this week (via SeekingAlpha), EA CFO Blake Jorgensen admitted that Titanfall 2 sold less than the company had hoped for. Jorgensen did not give any specific unit sales. However, despite the game not selling well, EA’s Andrew Wilson did state that the company has a good relationship with developer Respawn Entertainment. Wilson stated that EA thinks Titanfall 2 will sell for a really long time. He teased that there is more to come for the shooter, and that the publisher is committed to the game.

Last month, Titanfall 2 received an update that addressed some server issues. The main focus of the update for the first-person shooter was to fix a number of bugs to the server, which allowed players to jump in with less lag and connection issues. The update also included a massive reduction of requirements for the Match Loss Protection. If players now enter a game when it is already fairly late, they will see a notification stating that will not receive a loss. The update also included a number of other fixes, including a nerf to the Pilot Sentry and increased damage for a number of weapons.

Titanfall 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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