Titanfall 2, much like its predecessor, is all about the multiplayer. What could be more fun than taking control of your giant robot suit and battling it out with others on the huge terrain in front of you? Of course this gameplay can only be as good as it is designed and developed. That is why the people at Respawn Entertainment are constantly watching to see what improvements can be made, ensuring a fantastic time for all who play Titanfall 2.

A new update was just released for the first-person shooter this week. The main focus of which was fixing a number of bugs to the server, allowing players to jump in with less lag and connection issues. This includes a massive reduction of requirements for the Match Loss Protection. If you enter a match in Titanfall 2 when it is already fairly late, you will see a notification stating that you will not receive a loss.

Other updates in gameplay include a nerf on the Pilot Sentry, increased damage for the Flatline, R-97, Spitfire, L-Star, Double Take, EPG, and Thunderbolt, and Assists will once again count towards Weapon XP. With these patches, it should more enjoyable than ever to hop into your mechs and go online for some Titanfall 2 action.

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