It’s been a long time since the backwards compatibility list for the Xbox One had a major game title on it. This time around, in accordance to Phil Spencer’s desire to bring in ‘larger titles’, Treyarch’s Call of Duty 3 is now playable through backwards compatibility. As announced by Xbox’s Larry ‘MajorNelson’ Hryb’s tweet, Call of Duty 3 will be making its debut on the Xbox One, after the return of Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty 2.

The compatibility feature has come a long way, allowing players to truly get a more unified generational gaming experience from the Microsoft family. Natively, the Xbox One did not feature a way to play older games, however, this backwards compatibility is testimony to Microsoft’s latest desire to unify players from different consoles, as well as provide gamers with an opportunity to play classic titles without having to keep older consoles around.

Aside from Call of Duty 3, there have been no other major titles released alongside it, or planned for release. That said, Hryb’s site does list out the current list of games available for backwards compatibility, as well as future titles that do not have a date yet. It is noted that there are still many games that have not been listed yet. Whether or not they will be included in the future is to be determined.

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