The library for EA Access may grow even larger since backwards compatibility was announced to be headed to the Xbox One.

After Dragon Age: Inquisition made its way to become of the titles included in EA’s subscription service, a fan tweeted to the EA Access account wondering if Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II would possibly be included in the service, both of which were released as Xbox 360 titles. EA responded to the tweet by saying, “We’re investigating adding backwards compatible EA games to EA Access in the future. Stay tuned.”

EA Access currently offers subscribers unlimited access to full versions of select titles published by EA, as well as selective early access and various discounts on EA games. A subscription to the service is $5 a month or $30 for an entire year.

The service is currently only available on the Xbox One, and EA is not against allowing their games to be included in the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility; Mass Effect was used at the E3 press conference where the announcement was made.

Many fans replied to EA’s tweet in support of such a move, with one even saying “If true, I would upgrade my one month membership to a 12 month one, if you added BattleField 3 on there.”  What EA title from Xbox 360 would get you excited?

EA Access

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