Six months after the Japanese release, NA and EU are finally getting their hands on Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers, the unique Dynasty Warriors turn-based role-playing game.

Godseekers is a spin-off that focuses on strategy more than hack-and-slash combat. It has over 60 characters from previous games, and introduces 2 more characters: “Lixia, a girl with magical powers who was sealed in an icy shrine for centuries, and Lei Bin, Zhao Yun’s childhood friend and avid lore master!”

The game takes place at the end of the Han Dynasty, where China was in a constant state of chaos and fighting. Friends Zhao Yun and Lei Bin find a beautiful girl in a mystical prison, and accidentally free her. In their efforts to find out why she was imprisoned, they uncover something even more sinister, and “find themselves entangled in a pivotal struggle for the salvation of the world,”

Those that purchase the game in the first month of sales get special costumes for Luxia, Guan Yinping, and Lu Lingqi. Luxia will get a Diaochan costume, referring to one of the mythical 4 Beauties of ancient China, while Guan Yinping and Lu Lingqi will get Kitsune costumes with fox ears and tails.

Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers is out now for PlayStation 4 and Vita.

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