Everyone’s favorite wall-riding, beat-blasting DJ Lucio Correla dos Santos (or just Lucio for short) is coming to Heroes of the Storm. Blizzard announced Lucio’s future placement in the game with a tweet and a YouTube video.

Lucio will be the third playable Overwatch character in Heroes of the Storm, after Tracer and Zarya. In Overwatch, Lucio is a highly mobile support character who can push enemies back with a sonic blast. He can choose between passively healing or increasing the movement speed of his allies in Overwatch, and temporarily boost the effectiveness of the chosen buff. Using his ultimate, Lucio can give his team a barrier. His movement in Overwatch, while already unique on roller blades, allows him to wall-ride. Going off of the teaser trailer, Lucio will be the first character that can use the terrain around him as a path. It’s unsure how players will utilize this in the game itself.

Judging by the announcement trailer Blizzard has released, Lucio will retain a majority of his abilities from Overwatch.

Lucio will be the 11th support hero to be added into the Nexus. This will tie support and specialist roles for the roles with the lowest characters to choose from.

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