The next generation of Nintendo console, the versatile looking Nintendo Switch has brought us a trailer showcasing the many different ways you can enjoy its games. The extended commercial runs at nearly 5 minutes and features some of the big name titles that will be released alongside the new machine.

Brought to us via the official Nintendo UK YouTube Channel, this extra long advert comes as Nintendo released a similar, but much shorter commercial, which is itself the extended cut to be used during the Superbowl commercial break.

Nintendo are attempting to reshape the way people use consoles, much as they did with their hugely popular Wii over 10 years ago in 2006. The commercial shows players enjoying games such as the new Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the bus, playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe against friends on the home television, or facing off in a multiplayer game of Splatoon 2 while in class.

The handheld nature of the Nintendo Switch is heavily advertised, almost making the new console seem like a gaming tablet that can connect to your television, rather than a home console that you can take with you if you leave your house. Players are even shown having fun with party games while out in the countryside camping. This multi-functionality is obviously what Nintendo will be hoping can drive sales after the disappointment of the Wii U.

The new commercial gives us plenty of insight into what will be achievable with the Nintendo Switch, but the question remains, can it match the Wii for success or originality? It certainly doesn’t look like it will be a threat to the big two home consoles of PlayStation and Xbox. But with extreme portability on its side, the Nintendo Switch may find its way into many people’s hearts.

For further news on the upcoming release of the Nintendo Switch on 3rd March, then keep checking back to Gamespresso.

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