Playing video games is a great way to interact with friends. With Shift Happens, a game launching this week for Xbox One and PC, playing cooperatively is the key ingredient to this puzzle platformer. Originally on Early Access, the full title is now on its way.

Detailed on the official website for Shift Happens, German developers Klonk Games describe their title as being “a local co-op platformer for two players. It brings back couch game sessions for two people, unarguably the best way to enjoy games.” You and a friend take control of Plom and Bismo, two shape-shifting companions who share a common mass. At the touch of a button you can change size and strength between the pair, a key mechanic in helping you defeat the challenges set for you.

Shift Happens comes with over 40 levels to complete in co-op mode. These can be undertaken locally, or in case you live halfway up a mountain and visitors are rare, there is the option to play with someone online too. Plom and Bismo also appear in a single-player campaign of over 30 levels, but the developers have clearly built their game to be a two player experience, best enjoyed with a friend.

Shift Happens is due for release on Steam and Xbox One on February 22nd, with a PlayStation 4 version coming soon after. It’s priced at $14.99 on Xbox, and with a one-week discount for Steam users of $13.50. To get a feel for the style and mechanics of the title, there is a free demo available now on Steam for you to try.

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