The British Esports Association’s Advisory Board has welcomed a new member into its ranks this past week. Sophie Goldschmidt, a seasoned sports executive who has worked along side a variety of organizations and companies such as the NBA and the Rugby Football Union, has joined the board. She is currently the Chief Commercial Officer at Chime.

Through her work with the Rugby Football Union, and the NBA she helped spearhead the growth and development of the organizations via media distribution, sponsorships, and through overseeing any regional offices and events. She was also the Vice Presidents of Marketing and Sponsorship for the Women’s Professional Tennis Association.

Goldschmidt comments on her induction into the Advisory Board in a press release by saying, “I am delighted to be joining the British Esports Advisory Board. The fast growth and excitement in the sector has garnered much positive attention. When you look at the staggering numbers engaging in esports at various levels the potential impact globally can be very significant. I look forward to working with the Board to help shape the best path forward.”

With Goldschmidt’s experience with managing affairs in many other organizations, she will bring a new perspective to the British Esports Association’s Advisory Board that will make the organization benefit its players and sponsors alike.

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