With the launch of the Nintendo Switch later this week, Nintendo has announced that they have been working closely with indie publishers and developers to manage a steady release of content for the console’s eShop. Currently, there are over 60 indie titles confirmed to be releasing for the console this year that take advantage of many of its key features.

Nintendo has also released a showcase video detailing some of the games that will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Steve Singer, the President of Publisher and Developer Relations at Nintendo of America, talks about this showcase and their plans with indie developers by stating, “Our Nindies Showcase gives fans a taste of some of the great content on its way to Nintendo eShop, We’re working with both mainstream and independent developers to make Nintendo Switch the destination for entertaining games and experiences.”

Nintendo’s Nindies Showcase is available on the company’s official streaming website. The video features footage from 17 difference exclusive titles coming to the Nintendo Switch this year. The console’s eShop will be available when the system launches on March 3rd. Gamers will also have the ability to purchase titles through Nintendo’s website and have them download automatically to the Nintendo Switch while they are away from home.

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