Media Create released their sales chart for the top 50 games of the week between March 23rd and March29th, giving us a better look at the Japanese market in particular with regards to how well Bloodborne sold during its debut week in the developer’s native country.

As reported on Dualshockers:

“Total software sales were 1.285 million copies, which were 169.97% of last week. In addition to multiple release of popular titles, the spring vacation activated new software market. As a result, new software sales more than doubled from 411 thousand copies last week to 894 thousand copies this week, with total software sales outnumbering 1 million copies for the first time in 3 months since the beginning of the year.”

“Debuting on the top, “Bloodborne” sold 153 thousand copies in spite of exclusive title for PS4. Its sell-through rate was as high as 87.06%, so it can be said that it got off to a smooth start. PS4 hardware has continuously sold more than 40 thousand consoles since last week, so the title led purchase of hardware.”

“Sword Art Online: Lost Song” sold 194 thousand copies across 2 platforms.They greatly outsold initial weekly sales of Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment” released in April 2014 for the Vita (145 thousand copies). Breakdown sales by console were 139 thousand copies for the Vita and 55 thousand copies for the PS3. While the Vita edition kept sales volume from previous installment, sales of the PS3 edition, which was for the first time in franchise, directly contributed to the whole sales, so the variety of users seems increasing.”


Below is a snapshot of the top 50 sales chart:

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