In addition to the announcement of Titanfall 2 being in development, said to be for other platforms in addition to Xbox and PC, Respawn is reaching out to an entirely different platform for their newest game.  They announced that, during their partnership with Nexon, Titanfall based games will becoming to tablet and smartphone based devices, both iOS and Android.

Vance Zampella, the co-founder for Respawn, stated that they will “take the gameplay in a new direction,” meaning that, while this will not be a first person shooter on a mobile platform, it will still take place in the world of Titanfall.  Announcements have not been made on the direction this game will take.

With Titanfall reaching over 10 million players, it’s producers are confident that their new mobile games will “deliver a high-quality game experience,” while still taking its players in a new direction in the Titanfall universe.

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