EDIT: As of writing, this feature is now disabled, but you can still play the games on the site. It was a short ride but the outcome was expected.

Memories swell as I remember the young lad that played on that old DOS for hours, neglecting his studies. Man I am so hyped to see that this is a thing!

Archive.org had implemented a way to embed the games that are on the site wherever you want. Browsing the site I’ve discovered my old favourite gems and I’m already in love with the concept!

Reported through Gamasutra, you can access these games through Archive.org here where you can now play old classics like SimCity, Street Fighter II, Pac-Man, Lemmings 3D and even Maniac Mansion!

Archive.org’s goal in retaining these old treasures is to make sure that there’s a copy of them in existence, so they won’t be lost in obscurity. Not only games but files, images, documents and more!

That said, with all of this retention, especially with these old games, there are bound to be games that have their copyright protection still enabled. So play what you can, give the old classics a try. As for me? I’m going to be lost in playing through Aladdin. The TRUE Aladdin game.

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