John Harding, PR Manager for the game company Atlus has finally released information concerning the localization of The Legend of Legacy for the 3DS.  Harding accidentally stated that the company had announced the localization when no such announcement was ever made.  It was also teased by Harding that another unreleased Japanese game might be localized.

There’s not much information on the subject just yet as the game’s localization has not been ‘officially’ announced, but I believe fans of Atlus should definitely keep an eager eye on this story as it develops.

One thing that I’m certain about is that I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled on this story, and while I’m at it I might as well buy myself a 3DS.  I suppose I will just have to add two more things to my bucket list.  Man, this is going to be one long and expensive bucket list…

Wanna know more?  I know I do.

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