As mentioned earlier, the next two characters making their way to the Nexus will be Chromie and Medivh. Today, Blizzard has released a spotlight video for Chromie, the next new hero to make the jump. As described in the above video and in the earlier post, Chromie is considered a ‘ranged artillery’, an assassin who is incredible at dealing immense amounts of damage from a distance.

Chromie’s passive innate ability is very interesting. It allows her to pick up her abilities a level earlier. Allowing her to pick up her Heroic abilities much sooner, and catch enemies heroes off guard.

Going further into her kit, as explained in her spotlight, her abilities are based on her ‘Bronze Dragon’ status. Her ‘Sand Blast’ ability is a powerful long ranged nuke that only hits the first enemy hero. Her ‘Dragon’s Breath’ ability is an ‘area of effect’ barrage of damage. While Sand Blast has a visual indicator, Dragon’s Breath is a much more frightening ability to fight against since it has no visual cues as to where the attack will land, making it harder to dodge. The last ability is ‘Time Trap’ which is basically a stasis trap that takes a bit of time to setup, the freeze is quite dangerous if it goes off and is an easy setup for Dragon’s Breath and Sand Blast.

Chromie’s Heroic abilities are quite strange since they both do no damage, but helps set up her other abilities. For example, Slowing Sands is a mana draining Heroic that creates a large area of slow that does more slow the longer it has been activated. Allowing for a quick Time Trap setup into her other abilities. Meanwhile, her second Heroic ‘Temporal Loop’ brings enemies back after a few seconds to where they are anchored to. Again, this allows for the same Time Trap setup into her offensive abilities.

As mentioned earlier, Chromie will be available in the Nexus starting from the week of May 17th. Heroes of the Storm is a free to play game on the PC and we at Gamespresso have a monthly tournament where players can have fun and gain recognition!

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