Let’s first start this out by saying I am hugely excited for this! While it technically hasn’t been confirmed for release outside of Japan yet, there are no signs that it wouldn’t be, especially since the latest Resident Evil HD remaster came out here. While I would prefer a disc copy, I’ll take what I can get as I’m a huge Resident Evil fan! Maybe now that there is two they’ll make a combined set? A woman can dream, right?

Campcom has announced Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster. This will be a high-definition remake of 2002’s Gamecube exclusive. According to Dengeki Online, it will be released for Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC in early 2016 in Japan. Early 2016 means our state release, that still needs to be confirmed Capcom, would be most likely in late 2016.

Earlier in the year Capcom released the Resident Evil HD remake mentioned above, and it sold more than one million units worldwide. It was also the fastest selling digital title. During a company financial briefing, Capcom suggested it will publish more high-definition remasters. The extreme success of Resident Evil HD, and this statement makes it seem like a Western release is highly likely. I can dream about getting them on disc as well, even though the likely case is that this will be another download. I just like disc, it looks pretty and doesn’t take up as much space. The choice to have it on last-gen also makes me think it might be on disc.

Resident Evil Zero takes place before the events of the Resident Evil game. It features Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen, prisoner on death row. They must work together, with the player switching between them as necessary. Each character has unique abilities. I really remember playing this back when I was arguably too young for horror, and I can’t wait to give it another shot with better graphics and gameplay to match.

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