EA has recently pointed out that, despite the rumours of the new Star Wars Battlefront supposedly running at 720p or 900p, “no one said anything about the resolution”.

In other words, don’t believe what you hear until it is confirmed by EA or DICE. “If you have heard anything otherwise, it’s a rumor. We have only confirmed the game will run at 60fps”, the Electronic Arts community manager went on to add.

But is this really a big deal, regardless of the final result? Does Star War’s Battlefront’s resolution actually matter to you?

Personally, as long as the game is fun to play (and I’m not sold that it will be), I could hardly care less about its resolution. Some gamers are genuinely affected by this visual aspect, but at the end of the day, DICE is responsible for the game so it’s guaranteed to look pretty fantastic given Battlefield’s reputation, 1080p or not.

My favourite memories from Star Wars Battlefront II include mucking about on an X-Wing, taking off from a hangar with my co-op partner who was simply standing on the wing, both laughing our heads off. We cared little for the game’s resolution.

I’m not entirely convinced by the new Star Wars Battlefront for a number of reasons, but resolution is not one of them. Does it really matter to you?

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