The third and final episode of the Van Helsing series was released today on Steam, and with it marks the end of an era for the fans as it is released on the same day as the previous two titles. Available for $14.99, with 10% off for the launch week and 20% off for those who already own at least one of the previous games, the last chapter is due to be a big hit.

The action-RPG based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula promises single player and four player co-op, eight player PvP as well as six unique, new, character classes. The gothic style is balanced with the game’s amazing hand crafted art, and a climactic storyline to complete the saga.

The story is set after the Civil War in Borgovia, but things are far from cheerful. With the end of the world threatening to go down any minute, Van Helsing, and the player, must come to terms with a former ally being at the reigns of the destruction. So get ready to gather your weapons and prepare for what is described as a ‘personal’ mission, diving headfirst into classic monster fighting goodness in your quest to uncover the truth about the birth of Borgovia.

The independent publisher and developer NeocoreGames have also teased ‘we also definitely believe that players of all three games will enjoy the final story reveal on the snarky Lady Katarina’, which is definitely something intriguing to look forward to.

What are you waiting for? It’s on Steam, get going!

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