Blizzard has revealed two new characters for Heroes of the Storm, Varian Wrynn and Ragnaros the Firelord, in a trailer shown at BlizzCon. They also revealed a new map.

Varian Wrynn, the former leader of the Alliance in the Warcraft series, will be the first character released. He will also be Heroes of the Storm’s first multi-class character, both a warrior and an assassin. This means that he will be played in different ways depending on the talents players choose when he reaches levels 6 and 10. Varian will be added to the game on November 15th.

Ragnaros the Firelord, one of Azeroth’s four elemental lords, will be a melee assassin character. True to his nature, he features plenty of volcanic abilities such as summoning flaming meteors and lava waves, and will even have the special ability to possess towers for massive damage. He will also wield his legendary hammer, Sulfuras. Ragnaros will be available sometime in December.

The newly revealed map is called Blackheart’s Revenge, and will involve players battling alongside Captain Blackheart. During the match, there will only be a single core, with one team defending and the other escorting Blackheart’s ship on the attack.

Blizzard is also holding another cross-promotional event between their games. From November 15th to January 4th, Heroes of the Storm players can earn some in-game items for both Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch. Completing 15 games in either Quick Match, Ranked, Unranked Draft, or Co-op vs. A.I. will net players an Oni skin, player icon, and spray for Genji in Overwatch, and Zarya and Oni Genji portrait in Heroes. Completing 30 matches will unlock a 30-day stimpack and the Orochi Hovercycle mount.

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