Indie developer and publisher IMGN.PRO have created a new horror title called Kholat. The game is based off of supposedly real-life events known as the Dyatlov Pass incident, which was an incident where nine Russian hikers mysteriously vanished. Their expedition was tracked, but no set conclusion was made on the cause of their deaths, since their campsite shows signs of some sort of danger, but none of the bodies had shown any signs of a struggle. Since their deaths in 1959, multiple theories have been postulated, but none confirmed.

The release trailer was just put up today, and the game looks on spot. Sean Bean is narrating his own death, which is a nice change of pace since he usually doesn’t have much to say after his character dies. The Steam page for Kholat states that it will be an open-world adventure and exploration game with horror elements. While not too much is known about Kholat’s gameplay, the game certainly does look gorgeous, and the writing in the trailer seems to be top-notch. For those looking for a game to quench the dry summer games release schedule, Kholat will be released on June 9th for PC.

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