Welcome back to the Gamespresso coverage of the Steam Summer Sale. It’s officially rolled over to day 7 now and there’s a whole host of new daily, flash and monster community event bonus sales!

Today’s selection of daily sales is pretty broad and there’s a few franchises in the daily sales also which might be of interest. Arma, Company of Heroes and The Elder Scrolls franchises are in the sale today for some decent prices.

Arma 3 is the most recent addition to the franchise and has a 60% discount on it’s head, at the PC Gamer E3 show it was confirmed that the developers are making a huge expansion for the game so this could be a good time to pick it up. The other games in the franchise have either a 80% or 85% discount on them which is pretty nice if you want to give the series a test drive.

Company of Heroes actually has a franchise bundle available with a 75% discount which includes the most recent game in the series Company of Heroes 2 – Ardennes Assault, Company of Heroes 2 and the DLC for CoH2 plus the previous games. It’s a great bundle if you want to give the series a try but if you’re looking for a specific one then don’t worry as each game is available individually with a 75% off discount, including the most recent game.

The Elder Scrolls franchise, if you’ve never played one of these games you probably should do. While Elder Scrolls Online is not included in the sale Skyrim, Morrowind and Oblivion are. Skyrim has an awesome 75% off and the legendary edition, with all the DLC ,has a sweet 66% off making this the perfect time to get the newest game. Oblivion is available as a Game of the Year edition with all the DLC and has 66% off while Morrowind, also Game of the Year Edition, has a 75% discount. Both previous games are worth trying out also if you enjoyed Skyrim.

While the franchises are not too diverse the other daily deal games certainty are:

  • Plague Inc Evolved at 33% off
  • Planetary Annihilation at 85% off
  • Offworld Trading Company at 50% off
  • Telltale’s Game of Thrones at 50% off
  • Pillars of Eternity at 33% off
  • Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes at 75% off
  • StarDrive 2 at 40% off
  • Banished at 75% off
  • South Park Stick of Truth at 66% off
  • Dungeons 2 at 50% off
  • Dynasty Warriors 8 Complete Edition at 66% off
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2 at 80% off

Today’s flash sales are also pretty diverse however there are no franchise sales here today but there are some bundles.

The Jackbox Party Pack is made of five games from the creators of You Don’t Know Jack and has a 50% off for the games. If you want some party games for a large group then you might want to consider this if it fits your sense of humour that is.

The S.T.A.L.K.E.R bundle has three games from the franchise in it and it a nice 60% off if you want to give this series a try.

The other games in the current flash sale may be of interest to some:

  • Creativerse at 60% off
  • Planet Explorers at 50% off
  • Bastion at 75% off
  • Torchlight II at 80% off
  • The Sims 3 at 40% off
  • Hearts of Iron III at 75% off
  • Train Fever at 75% off
  • Please, Don’t Touch Anything at 50% off
  • The Secret World at 70% off
  • Test Drive Unlimited 2 at 75% off
  • Speed Runners at 80% off
  • Never Alone at 60% off
  • Lichdom Battlemage at 87% off

And then finally we come to the monster community event of the Steam Summer Sale. Today’s group from the community event includes DisplayFunction, software that enhances a multi-monitor setup; the software is available at 80% off and can be very handy for those with more than two monitors especially.

The games currently available however are:

  • Fight The Dragon at 80% off
  • One Way Heroics at 80% off
  • Tokyo School Life at 45% off
  • Astebreed at 75% off
  • King Author’s Gold at 75% off
  • Void Destroyer at 50% off
  • DreadOut  at 75% off
  • Abyss Odyssey at 66% off

That’s it for the Steam Summer Sale today however some of yesterday’s deals are sill ongoing so if you missed them be sure to check our coverage of yesterday and remember to check back again with us tomorrow to see if it’s worth you logging into Steam.

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