Fallout Shelter is the mobile free-to-play spinoff to the upcoming Fallout 4. Players in Shelter can now receive a character from the upcoming Fallout 4 in their shelter.

Preston Garvey, the leader of the Commonwealth Minutemen in Fallout 4, is now available in Fallout Shelter. Also available is the Laser Musket weapon that he uses in the game, allowing players to wield the weapon in Shelter. Players will not just simply receive Garvey, however. He is categorized as a Legendary Dweller, and must be obtained by opening a lunchbox with him in it.

Lunchboxes are special items that players will be rewarded with occasionally. They can also be purchased with real money, making this the lone way for Bethesda to generate revenue from the free-to-play title.

Fallout 4 is coming out on November 10th for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Shelter is currently only available on iOS devices, though it will be coming to Android soon.

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