Sony revealed their North American top-selling titles for the Playstation Network in an official blog post yesterday, and the games claiming them come as no real shock.

With the amount of marketing and push behind it, it’s no surprise that Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has claimed the prestigious number one spot for the PS4.

For the PS3 it’s the Mass Effect Trilogy – a slightly older title, but when it’s discounted in a sale throughout May to under $5 it’s incredibly difficult to pass up three space epics from Bioware for a real fraction of its cost.

DLC saw the latest Destiny expansion, House of Wolves (released May 19) claim the top spot across both PS3 and PS4.  Again, no shock considering the amount of push behind Bungie’s newest title.

The top-selling Playstation Classic title is another great title – The Misadventures of Tron Bonne may be unfamiliar to some, but for collectors it was certainly a win. The original game would sell for as much as $300+ on eBay so it was a real boon when Capcom released this Mega Man game on the Playstation Network for only $6.

However, some shocks can be found further down the sales list. Fans of the souls franchise will be shocked to see Bloodborne already at the bottom of the chart for the PS4, whilst Borderlands 2 still seems to have life in it at 7th for the PS3 with The Pre-Sequel nowhere to be found.

Not from America? Sony’s EU charts can be found here. The Witcher 3 Claims the PS4 spot here, whilst Crash Bandicoot claims the spot for Playstation Classics and Battlefield 4 chips in at number one for the PS3.

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