The Elder Scrolls Online was released on the PS4 and Xbox One on June 9th, but has already run into some difficulties.  Players from North America and Europe have reported log-in issues on the TESO and NeoGAF forums.  These kind of technical difficulties have become a staple of online games at release, but Bethesda has posted on Twitter that they are already working to fix these issues.


These kind of issues are to be expected as online games tend to struggle with the sudden surge of traffic that comes with their release.  It is also difficult for Bethesda to anticipate all potential issues as MMOs are still new to consoles.  The console versions of the game have even had to be delayed multiple times before being released.


The Elder Scrolls Online was originally released for PC in April 2014, now that it has made its way to consoles it is called Tamriel Unlimited.  There is also no monthly subscription fee for the game anymore, instead players will pay a one-time fee to be able to play.

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