Plaid Hat Games, the board game company that developed BioShock Infinite’s previous board game, The Siege of Columbia, is giving us tabletop fans yet another gorgeous game.  The game will be called Ashes: rise of the Phoenixborn, the game will be for two to for players. It places the players in control of a Phoenixborn who has the ability to summon units into the battlefield and cast spells.

The game uses dice as resources, to bring out spells or creatures. The game is on the shorter end of tabletop, spanning only 15-30 minutes per player. The Player Turn system allows players to plan their strategies around upcoming turns. Each turn is made up of short actions.

They have added a video to show the way that the game plays. Here is a link to the video:

Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn can be pre-ordered on the Plaid Hat Games website. It currently has a $15 pre-order discount, as well as an exclusive promo card with three exclusive ally units.

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