Mortal Kombat X released recently, and received great applause. The game had the biggest launch for any game in the series (you can read about that here). Now it seems Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon has a treat for fans.

Over Twitter, Ed Boon announced that the next DLC patch will include a costume for fan favorite Sub Zero. He then announced that every DLC patch that comes out will feature a free costume. He states: “FYI: The latest patch for Mortal Kombat X comes with a Klassic Sub-zero costume for FREE. Each DLC patch will too!”

Along with the free Sub Zero costume, The Mortal Kombat patch will improve online stability, give fighter Takeda a new move, and have some balancing tweaks. Hopefully this will help, as some gamers have been reporting online issues.

What do you think of developer NetherRealm giving away free Mortal Kombat X skins? Sound out in the comments below.

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