Showcased by EA is a video chockfull of details on the new classes and weapons that will be available in the upcoming Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2:

The video is hosted by Chris Fox, the lead gameplay designer for the title. As a change up, the world had been taken over by the zombies and is instead defending their territory from the rebel plants that are trying to reclaim their homeland.

This lore change effected the available classes for each faction. From the zombies side:

Imp & Z-Mech: The Imps that are usually found riding on the backs of giant zombies have been weaponized and given huge manoeuvrability to weave in and out of battle situations. They can also call down their Z-Mech to blast away foolish enemies. Upon taking too much damage, the Imp rockets out of the Mech which explodes in an area of effect.

Super Brainz: A melee class that does insane damage in close quarter combat. He has some range options when enemies flee or try to kite him.

Captain Deadbeard: A ranged orientated class that snipes at plants from a distance while also having close ranged options such as his trusty scattergun. Deadbeard can transform into a parrot for aerial assaults, ranged cannon mounts for long ranged explosions and barrel explosions in close range.

For the plant side:

Citron: The direct counter to the Z-Mech, this plant hails from the future and is equipped with some future tech. This includes an EMP beam that slices through the Z-Mech, a shield to stop incoming bullets temporarily and has the ability to roll around and charge into foes to send them flying

Rose: The answer to the Super Brainz. Sent to the future where the world is bleak and zombified, she utilizes magic to support the plant faction with teleporters and the ability to transform zombies into harmless goats

Colonel Corn: Equipped with dual gatling guns and butter barrages, he sits on the front line to deal damage fast and at a moments notice

These new classes are a huge change up from what is the norm for the previous games. The Garden Warfare games are still a solid third person shooter that has a bit of charm that is associated with the Plants vs Zombies games and it still shows. With characters that come from different time periods to ridiculous caricatures of classes, there’s still a level of frivolity that seems to make the game enjoyable.

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is to be releasd on Origin, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the first half of 2016.

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