Microsoft initially teased the idea of streaming Xbox One games to Windows 10 compatible PC’s back in January. Two months ago, we got a better idea of how this would work at their Build Developer’s conference. Now we finally have this functionality made available to us, the general public. What this essentially means is that using the Xbox App through Windows 10, you can now remotely control your Xbox One to play a game on your computer from another room.

Xbox One Preview members will get an early taste of how this exact functionality will work, but it appears as though most games are supported with Kinect titles and games requiring special hardware to be left out of the equation. It appears as though multiplayer and voice communication will be supported, so as long as you’re using a Windows-compatible microphone or headset, you will be good to go.

But that’s not all, as it appears Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers will also be supported, whereas flight sticks or racing wheels won’t. And once Microsoft’s wireless adapter for the Xbox One is released, wireless controller will work as well. Unfortunately, mouse and keyboard input will not be supported to play Xbox One controller based games. Not only that but Twitch users should be forewarned that using this app along with any kind of DVR will be disabled while games are being streamed to Windows 10.

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