I promised myself I wouldn’t get back into the vortex that was Animal Crossing again. I told myself, I won’t go back to the infectiously addictive home building and renovating that drew me in. I promised so much… And today, I concede. Nintendo has announced that Happy Home Designer will be getting collaborations with several franchises, including 7-11, the convenient store plastered throughout the world and Monster flipping Hunter!

Each collaborative franchise will offer a special character as well as several aesthetical furniture that you can design your home with. 7-11 will have a horse-like character named “7-Go” whilst Monster Hunter will be receiving a Felyne which in retrospect, seems almost like an obvious addition especially considering how it fits in perfectly!

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No word regarding future collaborative efforts have been revealed yet, nor is the process of obtaining the Monster Hunter related content. As of now however, in order to receive “7-Go” can be obtained by visiting and hooking up to a Japanese 7-11’s Wi-Fi hotspot sometime between the 30th of July to the 30th of September. Upon receiving the character, you’ll get an opportunity to receive convenience store items to decorate homes from “7-Go” when you make your house have a ‘convenience store vibe’.

Currently, it’s unclear whether or not this event will be international; but considering 7-11 is a global franchise, my money says it’ll most likely be coming to western releases of the game.

I’m psyched to see lots of collaborative works between Nintendo titles, and I’m almost foolish to believe there wouldn’t be any collaborations with Monster Hunter seeing that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate had an Animal Crossing collaboration. Consider me totally in like a shallow fool that I am.

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