Coming from Wolf Brew Games, Slain! is a 2D side-scrolling action-adventure title in the same vein as games such as Castlevania and Altered Beast.  Promising “stunning visuals with gore galore,” Slain! has already reached over $15,000 from over 850 backers on the game’s Kickstarter campaign.

Created by a team of industry veterans who have worked with companies such as Naughty Dog and Rockstar Games, Slain! is set to be released for PC, Mac, and Linux in May 2015.  The game is also confirmed for release on PS4, PS Vita, and Xbox One, though a date has not yet been announced.

Players will control Bathoryn as he battles through a hellish land littered with puzzles, traps, and “pixel art foes” all in an attempt to liberate seven great towers.

Wolf Brew Games cites hack and slash games of the 80s and 90s as their primary influence for Slain! Describing the game’s combat and platforming as “brutal” in difficulty, the game’s Kickstarter claims that players will fail while playing the game, and when they do so, they will “die gruesomely.”  Bathoryn will be in danger of threats such as werewolves, hidden blades, crushing weights, and much more.

Check out screenshots for Slain! below as well a teaser trailer, all offering an abundance of pixelated viscera to drool over.  For more information on the game, make sure to check out the official website.  To see the different pledge incentives Wolf Brew Games is offering and to back Slain! for yourself, make sure to visit the game’s Kickstarter.

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