The latest Dota 2 update patch to the main client has just seen the release of two of the promised Compendium goals: The Bristleback announcer pack and the Compendium music. As mentioned earlier, it was revealed that the voice actor for Bristleback; TJ Ramini went back to the studios and recorded announcer pack lines for Valve. In regards to the Compendium music, it was revealed that Jeremy and Julian Soule were the creators.

Jeremy and Julian Soule were the creative force for the soundtrack that you’d hear in the original Guild Wars and former was the composer for Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and the previous entries into the Elder Scrolls franchise. Their pedigree is impressive and this music pack is just as great; and very reminiscent of Skyrim’s. With a great use of orchestral scores and instruments, they’ve created a very ‘charge to victory’ menu screen score, a somber mid-match with strings and percussion and a lot more for all sorts of occasions throughout the Dota 2 gaming experience.

A marvelous music pack by the award-winning Jeremy Soule, a witty and wild Bristleback screaming in our ears when towers are under siege; what could be better? According to the blog post Valve had put out, they have mentioned their gratefulness to the community on smashing the final goal last night and citing that the other goals will be out ‘as soon as they are ready’. Further, they remind everyone that if you haven’t been voting for the next hero to get an Arcana set; to check out the Compendium in game and vote on the semi finalist: Queen of Pain, Juggernaught, Zeus or Tiny. Hoping for Tiny or Queen of Pain, but I won’t hold my breathe!

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