Metal Gear Solid V Quiet

Bug in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain prevents progress after completing two missions.

The bug that hinders your progress occurs when equipping Quiet, the sniper, as you buddy or partner. Having her by your side, and doing missions 29 and 42 will not allow to to proceed in the story. So you’ll either not be able to proceed with the game’s story, or have your save data become corrupted.

I feel bad for all the players that may have come into contact with this bug first hand.  All the people that were fultoned back to mother base during the mission will have to be redone. Personally, I would’ve bugged out if that happened to me.

Konami released a statement, telling players to avoid this bug by not having Quiet with you, during the two missions. They also said that they will be working on a patch to fix this bug, but until then just don’t have Quiet with you. Hopefully, Konami will fix the bug soon.

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