As we are all aware by now I’m sure, The Legend of Zelda for Wii U has been delayed. To make matters worse, Nintendo announced to follow suit that there will not be any game footage at all at E3. What does that mean for Nintendo? It means bad.

Without a blockbuster announced so far, Nintendo is going to have to pull something remarkable at E3 to attempt a replacement of arguably their most popular and loved franchise in Zelda. The Wii U already lacks in games, and in terms of console market sales, heading down a path of failure. The next console for Nintendo, code named the NX has already been announced as the future replacement and is supposedly going to revolutionize the video game industry.

So, what can replace Zelda at E3? Short of a revolutionary Mario game (Galaxy 3?), or perhaps an amazing looking Metroid game, nothing. Even then, we probably would not see those titles this year. The fall lineup for Nintendo was centered around the release of Zelda, with Starfox as the main supporter. Starfox cannot possibly stand on its own to support the already failing Wii U while the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have amazing AAA fall lineups competing with them.

Let’s not misunderstand here. This delay is a great thing for the Zelda title itself. Every major Zelda console game has been delayed at least once and all of those games are very highly rated and are usually considered masterpieces. I have no doubt in my mind that Nintendo will tweak the game and that it will blow us out of the water. What I am concerned about, as previously stated, is the hole at the end of 2015. Normally, consoles sell the most of their hardware and software during the holidays. Without a huge title during the holiday season, the Wii U will almost certainly suffer.

The biggest problem to me is the no show at E3 for the Zelda title. If Nintendo would at least be showing some footage, I think it would whet fan’s appetites enough to hold them until the release. But without even any footage at all, people like myself, are anxious. Nintendo has always been one for great surprises, but I do not foresee any surprise that can make up for the emptiness this Fall.

Nintendo has always been great for long lasting software, producing hits on the Wii U that have sustained player’s interests for long periods of time, such as Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8, etc…Unless maybe upcoming multiplayer game Splatoon is a blockbuster, I cannot imagine any title holding players over into 2016. Sure, people will be playing games like Smash Bros. for years I am sure, but that does not mean they do not want variety to add to their brawling. This was supposed to be The Legend of Zelda Wii U.

Nintendo was so insistent on the Fall 2015 release and people were skeptical at first due to the previous delays of former titles. Nintendo kept on hammering out that Zelda would be a 2015 release and fans finally started to believe. As soon as the majority finally believed, Nintendo broke our hearts that we would not be getting it. As I have stated earlier, this is good for Zelda, but bad for business.

My biggest question is this: What will sell new consoles for the Wii U? What is the next big game to really push the boundary for Nintendo? I have stated concerns that I believe Nintendo has put more of a focus on their handheld market, and with the announce of mobile gaming, I am even more afraid. They have said they have not abandoned Wii U, but it is so hard to see the console as their primary focus with the sparse lineup, announcement of mobile gaming, the NX, and the lack of quality advertising for the Wii U.

Without Zelda, the Wii U will more than likely be dominated come Holiday 2015 in the console sales war. Even if Nintendo lied and shows something at E3, there still is nothing to fill the hole in the Fall and for that Nintendo has lost many potential sales until at least 2016. What are your thoughts about no Zelda at E3 or just Nintendo in general? Let us know in the comments below.

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