Deviantartist Dreemers used her skills to draw female Disney characters with some of the leading ladies from League of Legends.

The ladies included are Aurora, Belle, Jasmine, Elsa, Snow White, Rapunzel, Alice, Jane, Ariel and The Incredible’s Helen and Violet.

The drawings are really adorable and make me view the characters in a different light. Belle, as Leona, is a defender of her family and everything good. Leona is the same. Queen Elsa as Ashe is very fitting, because Ashe is the Frost Archer (she also has a Queen Ashe skin, so it’s even more fitting that she be drawn as Elsa). Jane from Tarzan is Nidalee, which is super cool. The tribal tattoos she has along with the spear; I can totally see Jane being like that in the jungle, out on the prowl with Tarzan, looking for food. Ariel being the Bounty Hunter that is Miss Fortune is cool, too. She’s a pirate, so it works. My personal favourite would have to be Rapunzel as Jinx. Jinx, the Loose Canon, is wild, reckless and relentless. Just like Tangled’s version of Rapunzel. The details are probably my favourite thing to look at, especially the hair.

Dreemers has a lot of other amazing pieces of Disney related art that are definitely worth checking out. Make sure you stop by her Deviantart page and leave a nice comment!


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