Following the reboot of the 1997 release of Shadow Warrior in 2013, Flying Wild Hog has put out a teaser in the form of a splash screen showing some footage in the background of a 2 stylized in a Shadow Warriors way. Here’s a footage of what it is in better view; albeit with no sound:

A very brief teaser yes, but at least fans of the first game can be happy to note that Lo Wang will be back and is likely to be the played character. And it’s also noted that demon-possession is still rampant as the old man at the end of the screen convulses before Wang slides the door open to confront him.

Aside from that; not much is revealed, hopefully with the timed tease, more information will be provided at E3 in the next week. Shadow Warrior is a very crass game with a very ham fisted sense of humor for some. That said, the fighting mechanics is actually quite enjoyable and it’s definitely worth a try if you ever get your hands on it.

For now, we will have to hold on to our Wang as E3 approaches.

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