Viewers of the long running TV quiz show Jeopardy and players of Bungie’s most recent title Destiny found common ground this week. Posing an $800 dollar question to contestants, Alex Trebek, host of the program, received a correct answer from contestant Dennis as he responded in appropriate Jeopardy fashion with “What is Destiny.” A short video attached to Bungie’s tweet about the happening recaps Dennis’ quick and easy $800 earning.

In other recent Destiny inspired cultural happenings, the science fiction shooter’s musical score acted as the Guyer High School Wildcat Marching Band’s selection for a competition as seen in this video.  While it may surprise some that Bungie’s title reaches beyond the immediacy of video games into a wider range of cultural spaces, it is worth noting the continued growth of Bungie’s latest shooter.

Surpassing 7,777,777 users on the game’s mobile companion app (7 being a favorite number of Bungie) and selling enough units of its DLC expansion pack The Taken King to become the fifth most sold game in retailers within the US for the month of September, Destiny’s popularity in numbers illustrates its strong presence among video game circles and helps explain its ever growing cultural recognition outside the video game industry.

On a final and worthwhile note, this is not the first time a video game or video game series has been featured as a question in Jeopardy’s history.  For example, as part of the quiz show’s Final Jeopardy round, in which contestants may wager as much money as they have earned up until that point, The Legend of Zelda series acted as an answer proving difficult for two contestants while providing the third contestant an opportunity to achieve victory.

Any other video games or video game series represented in Jeopardy? Comment below and let your insight be known!

Destiny on Jeopardy

Photo Credit: Kotaku

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