Unicube’s upcoming indie game Sheltered finally has a release date. After sitting on Steam’s Early Access and Xbox Game Preview, the will be released on March 15th for $14.99 USD.

Sheltered places the player in a small bunker with four customized family members. In it, the player must collect resources, scavenge distant areas and protect themselves from the outside hazards that seek to harm them. You’ll also have to make sure the needs of the family are met through food, cleanliness, rest and much more. It’s a game about choices, choices that ultimately effect the success of your family.

It’s a brutal game about survival. The game was on Kickstarter where it successfully received over 30,000 pounds; roughly $43,000+ USD. Since then, the game has undergone a revamp in its character design and aesthetics.

Sheltered is published by Team 17 and will be available for Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for $14.99 USD starting on the 15th of March, 2016.

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