Elder Scolls Online developer ZeniMax Online had a few surprises up their sleeves at the panel during QuakeCon.

ZeniMax aim to release new DLC packs for ESO each quarter, and among the future releases we know of the Thieves Guild & the Dark Brotherhood. During the QuakeCon panel we learnt more about how ZeniMax are looking to handle the future DLC.

The Dark Brotherhood & the Thieves Guild, two factions which are normally guilty of having the most interesting and fun quest lines will be released as DLC early 2016. Each faction will be released as it’s own DLC and there’s no information on which will be released first or what either will contain.

ZeniMax’s panel also mentioned the recently announced Imperial City pack and that it’s patch will be available to those of you playing on public test servers next week followed by the full launch for both PC & Mac on August 31st, Xbox One & PlayStation 4 players will get the DLC on September 15th. Imperial City will be followed by the Orsinium pack at some time this fall which will introduce the new city and apparently consists of 25 hours worth of new content.

Pricing for any of the upcoming DLC has not been released as of yet except the Imperial City pack which will cost you $20 or will be included in with an ESO Plus Subscription.

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