For fans of Stephen Colbert and fans of the choose-your-own-adventure genre it is time to rejoice as we have been bestowed with a true gem of a game to keep us busy while we await Colbert’s take over of The Late Show on September 8th. This new game has a very LucasArts/Tim Schafer sort of feel to it and it’s completely free to play on your browser! The game, dubbed Escape From the Man-Sized Cabinet, has a wonderfully retro art style to it and really feels like one of the older point and click games from which it is based, which is saying something when you look at all the browser based games that have been made to cash in on the retro style that has come back into prominence lately.

Overall the game has a very comedic feel to it which should be expected of anything that involves Colbert but it’s also charming and really pulls you back into the nostalgia of all those older adventure games. The text for it is well written and the images are beautifully made by someone who clearly has been playing a lot of Monkey Island, maybe a bit of Day of the Tentacle as well. If you’d like to check the game out for yourself you can follow the link here and enjoy everything that Colbert’s Escape From the Man-Sized Cabinet has to offer, enjoy it, but don’t expect too much real plot.

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