The final results are in for the group stage of TI5.  With the conclusion of this part of the tournament, fans now look towards the main event, starting on the third of August.  While group A was a simple two horse race between LGD and Secret, there was still competition for places in group B.

Group B saw a total of four teams battling for the top places.  Team Empire, Virtus Pro, Vici and EHOME were all within three points of one another coming into the final day.  EHOME managed to secure third place after beating VP 2-0 and drawing with CDEC.  Empire were now the only ones who could beat VP to fourth place, and after winning 2-0 against MVP Hot6ix they would have their opportunity with a tiebreaker against VP.  The tiebreaker ended 2-1 in favour of Team Empire, leaving them in fourth while Virtus Pro had to settle with fifth.

Group A was somewhat more predictable, as both Secret and LGD had secured their places at the top of the group.  The rest of the group did not look like it would change much either, and as expected Complexity and Cloud9 were able to hold third and fourth place respectively.  NaVi in particular have had a very disappointing showing in the group stage, but it is hard to count them out just yet.  They have made a habit of going through the lower bracket, and improving as the competition goes on.



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