Valve had just put up a post on the Dota2  blog showing off the brand new “Collector’s Aegis of Champions”, a trophy of sorts to celebrate the player’s achievements during The International 5. Which players? Why us, the everyday players! The trophy is made out of antique brass plating and is a 1/5th scale replica of the actual trophy that the winning team of this year’s TI will receive.

The trophy can be yours if you manage to get to level 1000 on the compendium. In itself, the level don’t seem too bad, but if you played enough during the event, you’ll come to realize how steep you’ll have to invest both in time and in money in order to achieve this. Effectively, if you were to buy the compendium at level 50 and roughly 39 packs of 24 level boosters to get over level 1000, you’d be spending $417 USD in order to secure yourself one of these.

It looks great and I would love to pick up one of these, but sadly I don’t have that money to burn. If you do however and you have managed to already successfully reached level 1000 in the compendium, you can fill in your shipping information details here.

The blog also teases us that the Immortal III will be out sometime at the end of this week with it “almost ready for release”. Alongside the treasure will be “additional Compendium Pet style”. Lots of things coming around, I’m excited to seeing what it’ll bring as The Internationals gets closer still!

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