In last week’s Weekly Update from the wonderful DeeJ, it was said that update 2.0 for Destiny “includes a number of improvements for all Destiny players, and the members of Bungie will continue to share them with you.” Now, this is a fairly open statement, and those “changes” could be any variety of things.

Anyone that plays Destiny (or any other game, for that matter) can probably come up with a few ways that they think would make the game a better experience, through balancing or any other means. I’ve written an article in the past about game balance and why it’s difficult to achieve (impossible, really), but that doesn’t mean changes can’t be made to improve the gameplay experience for the community.

For a game like Destiny, those improvements can be anything from weapon balancing to adjusting character/Guardian abilities to create an overall better experience. However, any changes made to the game will affect players in different ways, especially considering Destiny’s emphasis on multiplayer gameplay – that makes it difficult for the devs at Bungie to make any significant changes without someone getting in a huff.

Either way you put it, the winds of change are coming to the world of Destiny, so I have one question for all you readers: What do you think could be changed in Destiny to make the experience better for ALL players?

Now, I’ve emphasized ALL players because of the multiplayer nature of Destiny as a game.  Feel free to discuss anything that may cross your mind when it comes to Destiny, whether it be gun balancing, character abilities, or matchmaking. All I ask is that you remain respectful of other people’s opinions or thoughts; just because you think something should be changed, doesn’t mean the next person will agree. If you decide to leave a comment, please be respectful.

So, what you you think the developers at Bungie could change to make Destiny a better experience?

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