The trailer for the next episode of Hitman, entitled Colorado, has leaked online ahead of its scheduled release.

The trailer was posted to a number of YouTube channels after being leaked by PlayStation EU, and shows Agent 47 heading to Colorado to take down a group of freedom fighters residing in the state. A farm estate seems to be the main stronghold to infiltrate, though there also appears to be a barn, train yard, and car manufacturing facility. In order to complete the mission, players will have to successfully eliminate four targets.

IO interactive has previously announced that the retail version of Hitman will release on January 31st, 2017. The retail version of the game comes with the entire first season, along with a few extras. Disc owners will receive access to all of the limited-time Elusive Target missions after the January release. The retailer release will come in a steelbook, and will feature other DLC, including 3 bonus missions: “The Icon” and “A House Built on Sand” missions from the Summer Bonus Episode and a new mission called “Landslide.” The disk version will also include the game’s soundtrack, a “making of” documentary, and the Requiem Blood Money Pack.

Hitman Episode 5: Colorado releases on September 27th for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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