Angry-Birds-2 (1)

So Angry Birds 2 passed 30 million downloads within two weeks of its release on app stores across all mobile platforms. I can’t say I’m surprised, but this is a huge achievement for Rovio Entertainment that deserves a thumbs up, or a “like” or whatever… The point being, the Angry Birds franchise has obviously made an impact on the lives of anyone who owns a smart phone or tablet. It’s arguably the first successful game to come out on the app store and a smart idea to boot.

Let’s put this into perspective: within 12 hours of the July 29 release, Angry Birds 2 was downloaded over 1 million times, which doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. However, within three days it had been downloaded over 20 million times, which is more than the original Angry Birds could accomplish within its first nine months. Granted that 10 million of these downloads were from China, I put my money on it that because this game is free-to-play, it’s been that much more successful than its predecessor. In fact, I’m just going to take my money back.

Now the real question is, is the game worth the space on my phone or tablet as compared to the original Angry Birds (and let’s be honest, we all had that game on our phone at one point or another). I’m telling you that without a doubt it would be a good thing to put Angry Birds 2 on your mobile device. Not only has Rovio Entertainment amped up the gameplay and changed the look, but the incentive to play is still there and if you truly are one of those “Angry Birds Addicts” you don’t have to stop playing, because you can use the in-app purchase technique to cheat your way to three stars on each level. By this I mean that the levels are played with a set amount of birds (standard), but you have the option of purchasing lives if you run out in order to keep on playing (unconventional).

You can play this game with or without money, but the bottom line is that you can play it, and you should.

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