Not only has a new hero been announced for Hearthstone, but Blizzard has detailed the rather interesting criteria for unlocking her. Lady Liadrin is a new Paladin hero, complete with new voice-over and portrait animations, and she can only be obtained by reaching level 20 in World of Warcraft.

Upon reaching level 20, players will receive the achievement “Fledgling Hero of Warcraft,” and the next time they log in to Hearthstone, Liadrin will be waiting in the collection. While the achievement is unfortunately not retroactive, meaning even if you have a dozen level 100 characters already, you’ll still have to run a new one to 20, doing so does not require a subscription. Even without an active account, players can simply log in to their WoW accounts and play with new characters and any below the level 20 mark. And for those that don’t have an account, the starter edition allows players to journey through the first 20 levels for free.

Currently, all other additional hero’s cost $9.99 each in the Heathstone store. Just last week, the game announced its next expansion, a set of new cards called Whispers of the Old Gods. Check out some of the first revealed cards here.

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