Paradox has always worked in the past with these types of games, will they be able to handle the future? Only time.. and space will tell!

Paradox Development Studios has, like I said, always focused on the past with games such as Crusader Kings & Europa Universalis, which both explore the formation of real world empires and Earth-bound emperors. But at Gamescom yesterday Paradox announced a new direction… The future. And that path will lead right through the stars above.

Stellaris is a Sci-Fi grand strategy game, set in outer space with procedurally generated planets and solar systems. A Paradox spokesperson explained that there are thousands to explore, and a multitude of alien races to meet, converse with and learn about.

The gameplay comprises empire-building, exploration, diplomacy, military pursuits and even a ship designer. You can play as numerous different species, each with heir own traits, backstories & engineering styles. There’s also a plethora of random AI species to encounter.

Stellaris’ announcement trailer shows rolling vistas on a desert planet, massive star clusters, and a lone starship as it discovers new systems, each with their own planets and remote outposts alike.


Paradox is focusing on creating emergent gameplay, which will ideally stem, the Paradox spokesperson further explained, from exploration and diplomacy. I for one am incredibly excited for this, combining one of my favourite game genres with Sci-Fi? Sounds fantastic! However, Stellaris is slated for an unannounced release on PC, Mac, and Linux.

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