Bungie recently announced a weekly livestream series to discuss The Taken King.

It starts next Wednesday August 19th and will be a three week series hosted on Bungie’s Twitch channel. All streams start 11AM PDT.

“DESTINY YEAR TWO” is the first stream on August 19th and will be hosted by executive producer Mark Noseworthy and senior design lead Tyson Green with community questions sourced live by Cozmo. They will answer questions like:

  • How will your own personal highlights from the first year of Destiny translate to the second?
  • What will your Guardian’s lifestyle be like in the new and improved Tower?
  • How will your Guardian become a more powerful snowflake over the course of your next journey?
  • Is it true that Character Level and Light will rise in exciting new ways?

“STRIKE THE DREADNAUGHT” is the second stream on August 26th and will be hosted by design lead James Tsai with Fruit Nation ambassador Mr. Fruit. They will broadcast one of the new Strikes against a rival Cabal force and showcase the new Guardian sub-classes in action. They will also answer questions like:

  • What’s it like to infiltrate the Dreadnaught?
  • What surprises do the Taken have for us in combat?
  • How are boss battles different in The Taken King?

“COURT OF ORYX” is the third and final stream on September 2nd and will be hosted by designer Ben Wommack and Scarab Lord Luke Smith with Cool Table ambassador Laced Up Lauren. They will broadcast a new Patrol from The Taken King while answering questions like:

  • What mysteries lie in wait within the cavernous hull of the Dreadnaught?
  • How can Guardians plunder the treasures secreted away in its hideous labyrinth?
  • How Guardians can instigate Public Events?

For more info on Destiny livestreams and The Taken King head to our Destiny hub on Gamespresso.com.

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