Today an update for Destiny has been released, bringing with it a number of changes. Along with some bug fixes, a few other adjustments have been made as well.

One of the biggest adjustments to Destiny revolves around the Husk of the Pit weapon. While not a great weapon, it unlocks a quest that eventually turns it into an Exotic weapon. The weapon drops from special Hive units that appear in certain areas of the game. The update increases the drop rate for the weapon by 150%, and fixes a bug that prevented some players from receiving the weapon.

Below is a list of the changes that are coming with the update (from Bungie):


  • Fixed an issue where “Packing Heat” achievement/trophy could not be unlocked by newly acquired Exotic weapons
  • Fixed an issue where Husk of the Pit drops were disabled
  • Drop rates for the Husk of the Pit from Blades of Crota have been increased by 150%


  • Updated the House of Wolves Control playlist to include the following maps with a lower weight in the rotation:
    • Rusted Lands
    • Shores of Time
    • Pantheon
    • Exodus Blue (Sony)
  • Updated the House if Wolves Clash playlist to include the following maps with a lower weight in the rotation:
    • Firebase Delphi
    • Twilight Gap
    • Blind Watch
    • Exodus Blue (Sony)
  • Inferno and Doubles playlists now have different tuning values for ammo crates
    • Special Ammo initial spawn time and respawn intervals have been changed to 180 seconds
    • Max of three Special Ammo crates will now be placed at one time
    • Heavy Ammo crates now spawn only once per match at 300 seconds


  • Tess Everis is temporarily leaving the Tower
    • A Kiosk terminal can be found near Eva Levante in North Tower that contains Tess’ old inventory of special order items
  • The Nepal Aid shader and emblem have been added to the game
    • Redemption codes will soon be sent to the email used to place orders in the Bungie Store
    • These items will be found at the kiosk mentioned above


  • Fixed a potential crash when closing the vendor screen
  • Fixed a very rare case where an account could blocked by a WEASEL error on sign on
  • Fixed issues with suspend/resume handling on Xbox One

Destiny is available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The game’s latest expansion, The Taken King, releases on September 15th. It was recently revealed why Bungie dropped Peter Dinklage from the role of Ghost.