Diablo 3’s 2.3.0 patch was released today from Blizzard.

The patch features ‘The Ruins of Sescheron’ as a new environment to explore, a new artisan, and new features to the seasons – just in time for season 4.

The season journey interface will feature personal accomplishments and milestones throughout your adventures. As you level up, you unlock new accomplishments that you can complete and lock in. Finishing the hardest tier will allow you to unlock a new player portrait frame, to show off your achievements to the world.

More difficulties have been added to the game, starting at Paragon level 100 and going beyond 250. With the patch the regular changes have com; alterations to the characters, how the game is played, and attempting to provide the best experience for the players.

You can read the full patch notes on Blizzard’s forum.

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