Since the latest Fable game has been announced, there’s been much speculation on what we’ll actually be getting with Fables Legends, and up until, developers weren’t doing the best job at explaining what to expect. In a recent interview, game director David Eckelberry explained the difficulties of trying to explain what Fable Legends is about.

“We have a really hard time sometimes explaining what this game is,” Eckelberry told Game Informer. “It’s incredibly different. So many of our fans in closed beta or those who come up to us at shows like Gamescom and PAX East say, ‘I didn’t really know what this is. I’ve heard you guys talk about it, but I still don’t know.’ That’s fair. We haven’t done the best job at explaining what Legends is.”

Fables Legends is due out later this year for Xbox One and PC and will feature cross-play between both versions.

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